Dr Marc Faber Masterclass
The St Regis Singapore | 22 October

"Marc Faber, congenital contrarian and shrewd Swiss investment advisor..."
- Fortune

Event Details

Globally renowned investor Dr Marc Faber will deliver a trading Masterclass to CMC Markets' clients and guests across venues in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.  This series will kick off in the John Jacob Ballroom of The St Regis, Singapore, on Saturday 22 October. 

'Dr Doom' will discuss  whether the world is facing financial armageddon, whether it's time to head for the financial bunker, holding only gold, bonds and cash, and more in this exclusive event, which is free of charge to clients of CMC Markets.

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About Dr Marc Faber

Dr Faber is a renowned investor and author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report. Famous for his independence of thought and courageous market calls, Dr Faber calls it as he sees it.

In 1987 he warned his clients to cash out before Black Monday on Wall Street. He made them handsome profits by forecasting the burst in the Japanese Bubble in 1990. He correctly predicted the collapse in UK gaming stocks in 1993, and he foresaw the Asia-Pacific financial crisis of 1997/98 and the resulting global volatility. ​​

What you will learn

  • Is the world facing financial Armageddon?
  • Is it time to head to the financial bunker, holding only gold, bonds and cash?
  • How can Brexit lift share prices?
  • What are the biggest risks facing investors today? ​

The distinguished contrarian will reflect on the opportunities and dangers in the markets as the China Boom grows older and the US attempts to normalise interest-rate settings. Dr Faber will focus on the actions of central banks and highlight the 'sowing of seeds' to potential economic destruction. He will also highlight asset classes and sectors that may appeal to traders and investors. 

Venue Details


Saturday 22 October

John Jacob Ballroom
St Regis Singapore Hotel

29 Tanglin Rd, 247911


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