Our rebate scheme puts cash back directly into the accounts of eligible clients who trade with us in high volumes. We introduced the scheme as a way of rewarding our clients for their loyalty, with earned cash rebates available for instant withdrawal, or used to open new trades.

Eligible clients receive cashback rebates once they meet our minimum monthly trade value requirements for an asset class in forex, indices, shares, or commodities.

How are monthly rebates calculated? 

At the end of each calendar month, the total monthly trade value for each asset class will be used to determine the rebate tier you have achieved. This tier will then be used to calculate the cash rebate amount to be paid. Higher tiers bring higher rates and therefore larger rebates. 

If you achieve a tier in one asset class, you automatically qualify for tier 1 rebates for all other asset classes traded. Your rebate will usually be credited to your account within the first few days of the following calendar month.

As an FX Active Trader, you will still earn cash rebates on indices, shares and commodities whilst taking advantage of spreads as low as 0 pips across some of our major currency pairs.


Our monthly rebates will not be available to all clients. To qualify for our monthly rebates, you must be an eligible client and meet the minimum monthly notional value trading requirements outlined on the CFD rebates page.

CMC Markets retains the right to withdraw or amend its monthly rebates at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. Payment of any rebate does not represent a commitment to provide a rebate in the future.

Although our monthly rebates will usually ​be credited by close of business on the second London business day of the following calendar month, there may be occasions where it takes longer to process the payment and CMC Markets will not be liable for any such delay or for any (direct or indirect) loss caused by such delay. CMC Markets will also not be liable for any (direct or indirect) loss caused by a missed rebate payment.

Payment of a rebate should not form the basis of any decisions you make in relation to your account activity. Furthermore, a rebate payment is not intended to limit your liability in respect of your trades and may not be used to set-off any payment obligation you have to us.

A rebate payment cannot be used to satisfy your total margin requirement, until such time​ as the rebate payment has been credited to your account. Please note that normal rules and procedures in relation to account close-out will continue to apply and you should not rely on a rebate payment to prevent an account close-out.

For more information or to see whether you are eligible for monthly or quarterly rebates, please contact our Client Management team on 1800 559 6000.