Create and customise your own watchlists with saved charts and the ability to sort products by daily price performance.

Video transcript:

Hi there and welcome to this short video having a look at your personalised and customisable watchlists in more detail. As you can see, I've got my product library here. Attached to any product library list that you brought up is the ability to save that as a watchlist.

So, I've created one here with some of my favourite commodities and I am just going to go ahead and click there and, actually, just go ahead and give this a name such as 'Fav Products' and then go ahead and click 'Save', and that will save that as a brand new watchlist.

Now the watchlists give you a fair degree of customisation. So, from the very top right here, you'll actually notice here that you've got a drop-down menu. I can open up a price ticker-tape, which very much looks like this, which you can stretch out across the whole trading platform.

I quite like to look at this from time to time. It just makes the platform look quite interesting if you've got some of your friends around.

But also you can open up a Reuters news module that is completely mapped specifically to the products within your watchlist. This is actually a very, very cool feature to utilise. And if I click here, I can go ahead and click Edit, and then I can change the colours and change the name, no problem at all. So if I want to change the name of that, I would simply go ahead and do that and type 'Fav Comms'.

And then, if I go ahead and change that to blue or to yellow or to brown and then click Done, you can see the customisation that you have.

Now, one thing that's quite cool about this is that you've got your product name, you've got the low and high of the day, your percentage change and the ability to launch sell or buy order tickets. I can also sort my watchlist here by performance, so I can utilise it as a market scanner, which is quite useful. And I can also do the same with my products. If I want to do it alphabetically, it can be done so here.

Any chart that you open up within your watchlist will actually become a saved chart as well. Now this is really, really useful. So I've opened up a normal chart here. I'm just going to go ahead and stick some basic trend lines on here. When I close this down now, you'll actually see there that the icon has changed from the standard factsheet icon to this one here with a slight squiggle attached to it. That is supposed to represent a chart.

So if I left-click Copper again, I now have the ability to unlock Chart or a saved chart, and that obviously speaks for itself. Any analysis that I do in my saved chart will automatically be saved.

If I click here again and open up an ordinary chart, it will just open up whatever my standard chart layout is. So, essentially, it allows you to make the most out of the real estate that you've got, and I typically have different watchlists saved with different charts. That's a very easy, quick way to get access to my technical analysis and any notes that I've made on any of the products within my watchlist.

You guys at home there should set up multiple watchlists with a wide variety of different products. As I said, some of my favourite stuff that I like to do directly from here is to map the Reuters news to my watchlist, which is very good if I've got a watchlist filled with equities and a different watchlist full of commodities and a different watchlist filled with indices. That allows me to more easily disseminate that information.

So hopefully that gives you a good idea that the watchlist is a little bit more than just giving you a selection of your favourite products. The features and functionality from this area are actually quite deep.