Setting up 2FA security on your account

You can set up the 2FA security measure on your account(s) when logged into your account on our trading platform or mobile apps, by following the processes below.

On the platform

Simply log into your account, access the User Preferences drop-down menu at the top right of the window, and select '2-Step Verification'. On-screen instructions will guide you through the set-up process for Mobile App activation – scanning a barcode – or Text Message (SMS) activation.

To amend or switch off the 2FA security measure settings, simply update the details in the same section.

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On mobile and tablet apps

The process for activating 2FA on the apps for iPhone, Android and iPad mirrors that on the platform. The screenshots below are from an iPhone, but Android and tablet devices follow very similar paths.

Access Menu/Settings, then tap Security, then 2-Step Verification, then choose either Mobile App or Text Message (SMS).

Tap the slider (to green) to activate and reveal options. For the App, we provide instructions to configure the Google Authenticator App either manually or by scanning a barcode, but you can use any other RFC 6238-compliant OTP generating app you choose.

Using the barcode method is only possible with a second device, since you cannot scan the barcode on the device it is displayed on. The second device will be the one you will subsequently need to use to generate OTPs.

Using only one device, you can simply enter your phone number to receive OTPs by SMS.

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