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Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

CMC Markets Canada Inc.
May 2022


1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) form the basis of the offer to participate in the CMC Markets Refer a Friend Offer (“Offer”) under the offer made by CMC Markets Canada Inc. (“CMC Markets”) under the CFD Terms of Business and MetaTrader 4 Terms of Business (“TOBS”).
2. CMC Markets reserves the right to vary or cancel any of these Terms at any time, subject to applicable laws.
3. Capitalised terms used but not defined herein have the meaning given to them in TOBS, and reference to the TOBS below shall be construed accordingly.

Conditions of Eligibility

4. The Offer is available to customers who have satisfied the Eligibility Criteria for the Offer (“Eligible Customer”).
5. The Offer entitles an Eligible Customer to refer an individual to CMC Markets as a new customer (“New Customer”)
6. The Eligibility Criteria for the Offer are:
 (a) a customer has a Trading Account (“Account”) on either the CMC Markets Next Generation Platform or MetaTrader4 Platform (“Platforms”);
 (b) the customer is a Canadian resident;
 (c) the customer is invited to participate in the Offer by email from CMC Markets ("Email");
 (d) the customer is not an immediate family member of an employee of CMC Markets and the customer is not affiliated with any other companies within CMC Markets.as determined by CMC Markets in its absolute discretion;
 (e) the customer referred to CMC Markets must be a New Customer without having any existing or pre- existing accounts with CMC Markets and must be a Canadian resident; and
 (f) the customer can either provide the New Customer's details to CMC Markets or forward the Email to the New Customer.

Offer period

7. The Offer is open from 16 May 2022 and remains open until further notice by CMC Markets at its sole discretion (“Offer Period”).

The Offer

8. The New Customer must be a Canadian resident eligible to open an Account with CMC Markets and must not be an existing customer of CMC Markets or have had an open or dormant account with CMC Markets since 1 June 2008.
9. To be eligible to receive the “Refer a friend” bonus the New Customer must open an Account with CMC Markets using the unique link contained in the Email during the Offer Period, or as otherwise agreed by CMC Markets, and:
 (a) fund the account with a minimum of CA $1,000 ; and
 (b) completed a minimum five trades on the account across any CFD classes. Minimum product ticket sizes apply for each trade; and
 (c) not withdraw any funds in the account for 30 days from account open date.
10. If the New Customer satisfies the Minimum Account Criteria, the Eligible Customer and the New Customer will each receive a credit of  CA $100 ("Bonus") to their CMC Markets’ account on or before the 14th day of the month following satisfaction of the Minimum Account Criteria.
11. Each person who successfully takes part in the Offer is responsible for any and all taxes payable (if any) as a result of this Offer being awarded, received or accepted.
12. All persons taking part in the Offer, to the maximum extent permitted by law, release from, and indemnify CMC Markets against, all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of or in connection with the Offer including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to any negligent act or omission or otherwise.
13. CMC Markets reserves the right to withhold and/or cancel any bonus payment (either to the Eligible Customer, the New Customer or both) where, in CMC Markets’ view, transactions are made to manipulate the Offer or where either the Eligible Customer or the New Customer may have breached or, in CMC Markets’ view, potentially breached, any law, regulation or licensing requirement.
14. A failure by CMC Markets to enforce any of these terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim by any person or prevent CMC Markets from taking enforcement action later.


15. The Offer is only available once for each New Customer and does not include multiple accounts being opened by the same customer. In the case of an eligible joint account that satisfies the Minimum Account Criteria, the joint account will receive one referral Bonus payment.
16. The Eligible Customer must not have a power of attorney or other authority to trade on the New Customer's Account.
17. The Offer must only be used for personal and non-business related purposes. The unique link from the Email should not be published or distributed publicly.
18. CMC Markets reserves the right to refuse to pay the Bonus where it suspects (in its sole discretion) non-compliance with these Terms.
19. In addition to any other rights and remedies available to CMC Markets, in the case of any breach or suspected breach of the TOBS in relation to an Account, CMC Markets is entitled to deem such Account ineligible for the Bonus, and/or reclaim any Bonus previously paid pursuant to this promotion. 
20. These Terms are dated 10 May 2022.
21. This offer is subject to Canadian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Canadian courts, and may be withdrawn or amended at any time, without prior notice at the sole discretion of CMC Markets
22. This promotion cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer, rebate or promotion, or as additional payments to introducers offered by CMC Markets. This Offer supersedes any other "refer a friend" offer from CMC Markets and a customer can only participate in one offer at a time.
Risk Warning

23. CMC Markets Canada Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. CFDs are distributed in Canada by CMC Markets Canada Inc. acting as principal. Trading CFDs involve a high degree of risk and investors should be prepared for the risk of losing their entire investment and further amounts. CFD trading is available in jurisdictions in which CMC Markets is registered or exempt from registration, and, in the province of Alberta is available to Accredited Investors only. CMC Markets is an execution only dealer and does not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of any CFD. For full details of our fees please refer to our rates schedule. CMC Markets is remunerated through the spread which is the difference between the bid and ask price. Commission and holding costs may also apply.

CMC Markets Canada Inc. est membre de l'Organisme canadien de réglementation du commerce des valeurs mobilières et du Fonds canadien de protection des épargnants. Les CFD sont distribués au Canada par CMC Markets Canada Inc., en qualité de mandant. Le trading de CFD comporte un degré de risque élevé et les investisseurs doivent être préparés au risque de perdre la totalité de leur investissement et des montants supplémentaires. Le trading de CFD est disponible dans les juridictions dans lesquelles CMC Markets est enregistré ou dispensé d'enregistrement, et dans la province de l'Alberta, il est uniquement disponible pour les investisseurs qualifiés. CMC Markets est un courtier d'exécution uniquement et ne fournit aucun conseil en investissement ni aucune recommandation concernant l'achat ou la vente de CFD. Pour plus de détails sur nos frais, veuillez vous référer à notre grille tarifaire. CMC Markets est rémunéré selon l’écart qui correspond à la différence entre le prix offert et le prix demandé. Des frais de commission et de financement peuvent également s'appliquer.