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A guide to risk management in trading

To succeed as a trader, it’s important to have a robust and sensible risk-management strategy. In this guide, we discuss why risk management is valuable to your trading and offer pointers to keep in mind when planning your trades.

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  • Why risk management is important
  • The rules of risk management
  • How to stress test your trading strategy

An appropriate risk management strategy can help protect your trades against sudden market moves that could leave you vulnerable to a potential loss. Our ebook contains practical tips to help you manage trading risks, including how to strike the right balance and why trading using margin can be a double-edged sword.

​Read our risk management rules, which cover several areas like limiting your trading capital, carrying out your own stress test and using stop-loss orders. We also define slippage and look at what causes it.

The guide also details how using different position size percentages can affect your capital, and why you should carefully choose your instruments to trade and the number of positions you have open simultaneously.

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