Frequent trader program



  • How do I know what tier and brokerage rate I’m being charged?

    Brokerage is set at the time the order is placed. If you place an order whilst on the Frequent Trader tier and it’s not filled until a later date, you will still receive the Frequent Trader brokerage rate. Likewise if you place a trade whilst on the Classic tier, this brokerage rate will apply no matter what tier you are on when the trade is actually filled. 

  • How do I know what tier I am on?

    • Each time you qualify for a new tier for the first time, you will receive an alert on the platform and an email.
    • Every other time you change tier, you will receive an email only.

    If you qualify for the Active Investor or Premium Trader tiers a badge will appear beside your account. Gold indicates Premium Trader and silver indicates Active Investor.

  • Can I get free market data?

    Yes, free live market data is available when you exceed certain trade levels. If you do more than 10 trades in a month and subscribe to a live data package, we will not charge you. If you do more than 30 trades in a month and subscribe to a dynamic data package, we will not charge you.

    Delayed data package subscriptions will always be free, with live prices available on the order ticket where you really need them.

    It is important to opt-out of a live or dynamic data package if you drop to a lower tier and do not want to be charged for this service.

  • What other benefits do you offer frequent traders?

    If you have an account which is trading more than 10 times per month, you are entitled to benefits other than Australia’s best brokerage rates^ and free market data.

    Trade more than 10 times per month (on one account) to gain complimentary access to our Pro platform as well as access to our Technical Analysis content from Trading Central. This includes technical signal alerts and trade recommendations throughout the platform, as well as a daily technical alerts email.

    You will also be entitled to the classic tier benefits. Trade more than 30 times per month (on one account) to qualify for a FREE “Investor” package from Sharesight, our tax and portfolio reporting partner, valued at $25 per month. This gives you a comprehensive tax reporting package for an unlimited number of holdings, as well as extra reports over and above our standard free package.

    You will also be entitled to the Classic and Active Investor tier benefits. Some benefits require you to opt-in, see below for more information.

    ^CANSTAR Outstanding Value - Online Share Trading 2011-2018, and Broker of the Year - Online Share Trading 2018

  • If my order partially fills over two months, does that count for two separate trades?

    No, only the first partial fill of the order is attributed to your trade count. The second partial fill that falls into the following month is not included in your trade count.

  • How do I qualify for these benefits?

    Some benefits will require you to opt-in:

    • You will qualify for these benefits based on the tiers in which your trading accounts fall. Your highest tiered trading account (classic, investor, trader) will determine the level of benefits to which you are entitled.
    • For Sharesight, you will need to opt-in to create a Sharesight portfolio. You can do this via the Tax and Portfolio Reporting page of the platform
    • For live or dynamic market data, you will need to opt-in by subscribing to a market data package, on the Settings | Market Data page. All invoicing for data is done in arrears, so in months where you qualify for free data, you will not be charged

  • What happens if I’m unable to trade for a month – will I automatically drop down a tier?

    Going on holiday or taking a break from trading? No problem - gives us a call on 1300 360 071 and we will arrange for your current account package to be maintained*

    *Subject to fair use

  • If I trade in excess of 30 trades in a month will the excess trades roll over to the following month?

    No, excess trades will not roll over to the following month. However if you trade excess of 30 trades in one month and less than this the following month, you will still be entitled to receive the features available for the Premium Trader tier but not the discounted brokerage.

  • If I trade more than 30 times, but across several accounts, will I still be eligible for the Premium Trader benefits?

    No, each account will be classified by its own trading activity.

  • Will I be eligible for the benefits if I trade in large values, but don't trade more than 10 times per month?

    Yes, if you trade more than 5 times per month and generate at least $500 in brokerage you will be eligible for the Active Investor tier.

  • What does a brokerage example look like?

    Our frequent trader program is based on completed orders. A completed order is defined as an order that 'trades' partially or fully in the given calendar month.

    Our online platforms keeps a count of the number of completed orders placed on the trading account - so the correct brokerage rate is applied at the time the order is placed.

    The "Estimated Brokerage" field on the order ticket is a useful feature that dynamically updates to reflect the amount of brokerage being applied.



    Order: 1

    Details: BUY order value of $5,000 and trades in full this month

    Brokerage: $9.90

    Trade #: 1

    Comments: None


    Order: 2

    Details: Sell order value $17,000 and partially fills this month

    Brokerage: $17.00

    Trade #: 2

    Comments: None


    Order: 3-9

    Details: 7 buy orders each valued under $10,000

    Brokerage: $9.90 each

    Trade: 3-9

    Comments: None


    Order: 10

    Details: An order valued at $8,000 placed but does not trade this month

    Brokerage: $9.90

    Trade #: n/a

    Comment: This order won’t count as a trade until it executes – it will count as a trade in the month it first fills or partially fills


    Order: 11

    Details: Sell order valued at $20,000 trades this month

    Brokerage: $20.00

    Trade #: 10

    Comments: Even though it is the 11th order, this counts as the 10th trade as order #10 did not execute


    Order: 12

    Details: Buy valued at $20,000

    Brokerage: $16.00

    Trade #: 11

    Comments: This is the 11th trade, so benefits from the discounted 0.08% brokerage rate


    Order: 13

    Details: Sell valued at $7,000

     Brokerage: $9.90

    Trade #: 12