The CMC Markets Invest Pro platform has award winning features designed for the experienced trader to create a customized trading experience. Watch our platform introduction video


The CMC Markets Invest Pro platform has award winning features designed for the experienced trader to create a customized trading experience.

Take some time to walk through the features available when trading domestic and international markets.

Simply click on the menu options in our convenient and easy to use navigation bar to select the trading tools or products you are looking for.

You can switch layouts and create your own customised trading perspective using the layout option available here. You can create up to five saved layouts organising all the modules to the desktop based on your requirements.

You can also use the link option to link different modules like charting, news and of course sales, so that you can receive synchronized updates on the product you are monitoring.

On the right hand side of the navigation bar, you can view your current holdings and available funds to trade.

You can also update your personal details, platform settings and trading pin under the user preference menu.

All of your account details are available under the account drop down menu.

Here, you can check your current positions, order confirmations, profit and loss, view your statements, request a withdrawal as well as tax and portfolio reporting with the free Sharesight portfolio manager for up to 10 share holdings.

The Product library allows you to filter and view different classes of products like Equities, ETFs, mFunds, warrants and more.

When you select equities, you can use the country filter to view products available to trade in each international market.

You can also filter based on sector and industry group to view the top products within each category.

In this module you can see the price movements of the product during the trading day, last traded price and the current Bid and Offer prices. You can also proceed to fill a buy or sell order ticket by clicking on the Bid or Offer price.

While filling an Order ticket, you can select from multiple trading accounts before placing a trade.

You can also conveniently access the market depth and course of sales details of the product from here to see the details of the last five sales.

After setting the order conditions, you can view the estimated brokerage and total cost for placing the trade.

For international shares you can view the Exchange fees and taxes including the Stamp Duty and the FX buffer rate which is added to allow for any price fluctuations while executing the order.

Research is important for every trader and the Pro platform brings you extensive resources on fundamental research. Click the menu icon on the order ticket or the drop down menu next to a product anywhere on the platform to access the product context menu.

In here, click on the ‘Company profile’ option to access product specific information like company information, financial reports and profitability ratios.

If you scroll further down, under reports, you can access the Morningstar equity report and theScreenerrisk rating for the product.

You can also access further market research resources from under the Market pulse menu like the ASX announcements, Reuters news, market and corporate calendar.

Our advanced charting package brings you an extensive list of studies, overlays and drawing tools to support your technical analysis. You can access the charts from the product context menu.

Built by traders for traders, our charting package has been designed to provide you with quick access to your charting preferences so you can easily identify market trends.

Our layouts, charts and technical indicators are all customisable, offering you the ability to set up your charts and technical analysis exactly as you like.

The Watchlists functionality on the platform will help you easily track the stocks you are interested in, for any market movements. Click on the ‘Watchlists’ menu on the platform navigation bar to create your own new watchlist by selecting ‘New watchlist’ option from the menu.

To add products into your watchlist, simply drag and drop any product from the product library to the new watchlist or use the "+" option available on the top right hand side of the watchlist module.

You can also use the context menu where you can select the watchlist into which you want to add the product.

You can customise each watchlist using the options available within the table settings.

You’ll find a host of useful platform guides and videos under the support menu. You can also find our live chat option here to connect with our client services team on any questions on the platform.

We hope you have enjoyed this short video on our Pro platform. Please continue to explore the platform with the help of platform quick guides and our videos. For more information visit our website.