1-Click Trading Guide CFD

Important information about 1-Click Trading

The 1-Click Trading feature allows you to open or close a Trade with just one click. Once a Trade size has been entered, clicking once on the buy or sell Price will send the Order straight through for processing. You will not be asked to confirm the Order, it will be placed immediately. It’s important to note that you will not have a chance to cancel the Order once you have clicked a buy or sell Price, so please take care when using 1-Click Trading as there is an increased likelihood of an order unintentionally being submitted.

Quote panel

When 1-Click Trading is activated, you will be able to enter a Trade size manually into the Price quote panel. Alternatively you can choose a Trade size from the built-in dropdown menu. Once you’ve specified a Trade size, simply click the buy or sell Price to immediately place your Order.

Price buttons

By default, 1-ClickTrading is turned on for all Price buttons, including the quote panels within the Next Generation Platform. When you hover your mouse over any Price button (excluding a quote panel), a 1-Click Ticket will appear, allowing you to enter a Trade size. Once you’ve entered a Trade size, simply click the buy or sell Price to place your Order. You can select to have 1-Click Orders apply only to Quote Panels through the 1-Click Order settings.

CMC Markets

Positions window

When 1–Click Trading is activated, you will also be able to close open Positions or Trades with one click by clicking on the red close out ‘x’ button in the Positions window, under the Account menu. Any Pending Orders can also be cancelled with one click in the Orders menu.

Important notes:

  • If you have ‘Save Ticket Quantity’ enabled, then your last Order size will be prepopulated within the 1-Click Ticket and quote panel. You can turn this feature off within Order Settings.
  • If you don’t enter a Trade size into the 1-Click Ticket or quote panel, or select a Trade size from the built in dropdown menu, the traditional full Order Ticket will open when you click on the buy or sell Price.
  • For larger Trade sizes, the Price displayed within 1-Click Tickets and quote panels will always reflect the relevant Price Depth that is associated with the Trade size entered. A level indicator will be displayed in the bottom corners of the 1-Click Tickets and quote panels.
  • All 1-Click CFD Orders are placed in Units

Order settings

By default your personal Stop Loss Order and Take Profit Order settings will be applied to your 1-Click Market Order. This may be disabled separately within the 1-Click general Order Settings. It is important to note that if disabled, all 1-Click Orders will be submitted without any Stop Loss Orders or Take Profit Orders attached, however these may be added later through the modify icon in the Positions window.

When you place a Market Order using 1-Click Trading, any advanced order settings, including; Save Ticket Quantity, Boundary Levels, Custom Stop Order Triggering and Forwards Settlement Behaviour, will be automatically inherited from your personally configured Order Settings for the relevant CMC Product.

Please make sure that you review, and if appropriate, update these settings before using 1-Click Trading.

Trade confirmation

After you place or close an Order using 1-Click Trading, an execution alert will immediately appear in the top-right of the Platform, displaying the Price at execution, size of Trade, any associated Stop Loss Orders and/or Take Profit Orders and the realised Profit or Loss for any executed closing Order. Please take time to read this to ensure your Order has been executed as expected. This confirmation will automatically fade after a set period of time.

CMC Markets

1-Click trading style

Once you activate 1-Click Trading you can choose between three modes within the main toolbar including:

Single-Click: A single left mouse click on the buy or sell Price once will immediately place the Order. When you hover your mouse over a Price, the cursor will change to denote that a 1-Click Order will be placed with a single-click.

Double-Click: A double left mouse click on the buy or sell Price will immediately place the Order. When you hover your mouse over a price the cursor will change to denote that a 1-Click Order will be placed with a double-click.

Locked: Selecting this mode will temporarily disable 1-Click Trading. When this mode is selected clicking on any buy or sell Price will bring up the full Order Ticket.

Please note that before you can use 1-Click Trading, you will need to carefully read and then accept the 1-Click Trading Terms of Use.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets does not recommend the use of 1-Click Trading for inexperienced clients. If you have any questions please contact the client management team on 1 866 884 2608.

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