Next Generation Trading Part 3/4: Mastering the Trader's Mind-Set

  • Tue 20 Mar 2018
  • 7.00pm (EDT)
  • beginner

Open to CMC clients with Live Funded accounts only, part 3 of this 4- session series will help you build and maintain a trader's mindset.

Ultimately, the most important thing for a new trader is to ensure survival in the markets. Survival gives you a chance of success. Consistency in applying rules and managing your downside is the key to successful trading activity in the long run – you must manage risk to give yourself the chance to succeed. 

In this session we’ll outline a risk and money management plan which you can consider adding to your trading plan. The Breakeven Principle will be introduced and we’ll look at the issues that typically cloud a trader’s decisions. The aim is for us to help you understand the impact of emotions on trading activity. 

• Creating consistency by managing risk 
• Money management in trading 
• The Breakeven Principle 
• Being in control of your emotions 
• The mind-set of a trader 


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