Our commitment to responsible practices and values ensures that we are aligned with the worldwide shift towards a sustainable future within capital markets.

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Our Tomorrow: taking a positive position

Our Tomorrow is the Group strategy to embed sustainability into our global organisation, through five core pillars, which provide the framework to become a truly responsible business.

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our tomorrow

Five core pillars

Client Positive

Protecting our clients and instilling confidence in their investment decisions. Protecting with purpose.

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Pillar one, sustainability five pillars

Platform Positive

Pioneering innovative and sustainable investment products to solve our clients’ current and future needs with platforms for good.

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Pillar two, sustainability five pillars

People Positive

Cultivating culture and fostering an inclusive and innovative workplace where everyone thrives.

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Pillar three, sustainability five pillars

Change Positive

Leading by example and demonstrating integrity, forward thinking and accountability at every step.

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Pillar four, sustainability five pillars

Planet Positive

Understanding and mitigating our climate impacts and exploring opportunities to support the transition to a greener economy.

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Pillar five, sustainability five pillars

community impact

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our business operations and expands into the communities where we operate.