Your capital is at risk. The value of investments can go up as well as down, and you may receive back less than your original investment. Please read our Risk Warning.

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CMC CapX offers investors the opportunity to access exclusive deals and apply for shares in IPOs and secondary placements at a discount.

Why CMC CapX

Get fair access to exclusive investment opportunities, no nepotism

We are the first broker to allocate inclusively. We aim to ensure that all investors who apply through us receive an allocation.

What we offer

  1. Exclusive deals
  2. Inclusive allocations
  3. Excellent client services

Allocations Made Simple

How it works?

  1. Discover investing opportunities
    Register to be notified of exclusive deals.
  2. Participate
    Take part in live deals by applying through our website.
  3. Receive your allocation
    Shares can either be converted to a Spread Bet / CFD held in an account with CMC, or delivered as shares to your broker.

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Fund your trading account

Live deals can last just a couple of hours. To receive your allocation as a Spread Bet or CFD, you will need to have a fully funded account with us in order to open and maintain the position.


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Read our Legal Documents

Before submitting an application to participate in any offering, you must agree to our legal documents, which are available here.


CMC CapX enables investors to easily discover and invest in public offerings. Investors can use CMC CapX to invest in companies at the Initial Public Offering price (with no additional fees or commissions), before the shares trade on a stock exchange.

Secondary Placings

After an IPO, companies raise more funds by issuing more shares. The share prices are typically offered at a discount to the prevailing market price and the deals usually sell out in a couple of hours.


Common questions

What is CMC CapX?

CMC CapX offers investors the opportunity to participate in IPOs and secondary placings.

Traditionally only institutional investors get access to public company fundraises. CMC CapX provides these companies with a way to offer shares to individual investors, making the capital markets process more inclusive and transparent.

Please note, retail investors are not currently eligible to participate in any offering with CMC CapX.

What fees do you charge for investing through CMC CapX?

CMC CapX will not charge investors any costs or fees for participating in IPOs or placings.

We may however receive a commission from the relevant issuer (as agreed with the issuer from time to time).

How long do CMC CapX offerings last for?

The duration of our offers can vary between hours and days, but in most cases will take place between 16:35 and 20:00 (applicable UK time zone). Applications must be submitted before the applicable time and date referred to as the “Closing Date”. There is a possibility that the offering may close earlier than expected or indicated by us.

Can I withdraw my application after it is submitted?

No, all applications are irrevocable once submitted through our website.

When will I receive confirmation of my allocation?

CMC CapX will send confirmation of your allocation to your registered e-mail address on completion of the offer. This will typically be before 8am the following morning but may take longer in some instances.

Why do I need to open a new account with CMC to participate through the Indirect Investment Model?

If you elect for your allocation to be converted to a Spread Bet or CFD, it must be held in a separate account with CMC for the sole purpose of receiving Corporate Brokerage Services. This account has dedicated client configurations whereby all derivative contracts entered into with you will be considered a Manual Product. The new account must be the same account type (either CFD or Spread Bet) as your existing account.

I am a retail investor. Can I participate in live deals with CMC CapX?

Retail investors are not currently eligible to participate. However, if your broker is already working with CMC CapX on a deal by deal basis, you may be able to apply for an offer through your broker. Please contact your broker to ask them if they are able to place an application on your behalf. If your broker does not work with CMC CapX, ask them to contact us.

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