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Need 4 Speed - ASX Report - 28/10/22

ASX Trading

G'day folks and welcome to another trading day with your friendly, neighbourhood CMC Market Analyst! 

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Trading Idea of the Day


  • Key levels on the chart - consider taking trades from key support/resistance zones.
  • We all know Amazon as the online shop that has changed the retail landscape forever. But while buying things with one click and having them delivered the next day is useful, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) is the product that is changing the game for web and app developers.
  • AWS is the Amazon Cloud service that has quickly become the #1 provider of cloud computing services that underpin most tech startups and mobile apps. Amazon’s AWS service has outcompeted and outpriced Google and Microsoft and it is no surprise that AWS is the fastest-growing segment within Amazon’s overall business.
  • AWS’s ‘pay for what you use model is so important for web developers, start-ups and small businesses as it eliminates the costly overhead of unused computational power, data storage or hosting services. There’s no upfront cost to build a storage system and no need to estimate usage. AWS customers use what they need and their costs are scaled automatically and accordingly.
  • Their model has proved so successful to the point where they now dominate the cloud computing space, controlling 33% of the market share compared to Microsoft Azure’s 21%. Estimates say that by 2023, end-user expenditure on the cloud services will reach nearly $600 billion USD and so AWS’s growing dominance will mean that AWS could become the cash-cow driving Amazon’s profits.

ASX & Economic Key Events

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OPTO For Investors Research

Article of the Day: Cameco, Energy Fuels and Paladin fuelled by uranium rush
Podcast of the Day: Portfolio manager Caroline Cai’s take on an emerging markets’ debt crisis

APAC Daily Report

Market Snapshot & Highlights as of 8am AEDT

EXPECTATIONS: Energy HIGHER (higher oil prices) & Materials LOWER on overall higher base metal prices.

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