A word from our CEO: Peter Cruddas

23rd April 2021

I founded CMC Markets in 1989 to offer retail clients wholesale pricing and service to compete with the large banks and exchanges.

I wanted retail investors and traders to get the same terms as the large institutions like hedge funds.

In 1996 we launched Europe’s first on line trading platform. Our first and subsequent trading platforms opened up the world’s financial markets to the masses. It’s that ambition to open up financial markets and driving down costs through continual innovation that still drives us today.

Now there are no barriers to investors all around the world having the same choices as institutions. That’s how it should be and that’s what CMC Markets is all about – accessibility, empowerment and a level playing field for all. We are continually innovating and driving business through technology, so we can stay ahead of the competition. It’s innovation and ambition, that makes every day at CMC Markets so exciting.


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