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How to identify trends and other indicators

Patterns such as triangles, rectangles and diamonds are important indicators that could help you identify and trade around significant price levels in the financial markets. Trends are an important part of technical analysis and can be used to plan entry and exit points for your trades.

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  • How to identify a trend
  • About the importance of support and resistance
  • How to use technical analysis in ranges

Pattern recognition is based on carefully tested methods and can help you calculate where to enter as well as set stop-loss orders and profit targets for your trades.

Our ebook examines the primary indicators of a trend, and explores support and resistance chart levels, including practical rules and trading strategies you can utilise around this area.

We also look at using technical analysis in a sideways trend or range, and run through a detailed example of how this could work in practice, as well as pinpointing other chart patterns to look for. 

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