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ETF TV Will the SPAC race heat up following SEC clearance?

ETF TV’s weekly episodes cover the latest ETF listings and breaking news, alongside interviews with the people behind the ETF headlines.

In this week’s episode of ETF TV, hosts Dan Barnes and Debbie Fuhr discuss the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) market with Tuttle Capital Management CEO and CIO, Matthew Tuttle. In the first five months of 2021, SPACs have already raised more money than in the entirety of 2020, and each individual preceding year.

Matthew admits the sector has cooled down somewhat in recent weeks, citing SEC caution following the outsized enthusiasm at the start of the year. However, he sees this as a “speed bump”, and believes the market will pick up again following a high profile, successful merger.

Tuttle Capital Management has recently launched two De-SPAC ETFs, which track 25 of the largest companies to have debuted via SPAC in the last year. One ETF is long on these companies, the other is short.

To hear Matthew discuss the new De-SPAC products in more detail, plus to find out what’s been happening in the wider ETF space this week, watch the full episode below.


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