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Opto’s top 10 trading articles of 2019

Opto’s top 10 trading articles of 2019

We’ve had a busy year in 2019 covering the highs and lows of various stocks and indices, market outlooks across the globe, and a wide range of guest traders giving us insight into their tricks of the trade. 

We’ve worked to give you updates on the big stocks and the small, upcoming IPOs and hedge funds, plus putting the spotlight on various industries; all in order to highlight stock market trading opportunities. 
So now we’ve collated our top 10 articles from this year for you to revisit, and reveal what made them so interesting at the time.
With both ride-sharing apps going public in May of 2019, it immediately heightened the competition between them. This article is shaped by commentary from HSBC [HSBA], as well as a wider market outlook.
One of the standout problems covered in this article is the regulatory concerns former significant roadblocks for both these stocks. A new law in California ensures riders are now classed as full-employees, something both companies were refusing to address.
Now Uber [UBER] have lost their license in London, it’s likely even more eyes will be on the company to see what lies ahead in their future and can they overcome this bump in the road.  
We give an in-depth look at one of the most powerful conglomerates in the world, from how the company’s share price has soared over the past 5 years, to where they’ll be in the next 5. We cover the progression of a firm centred on eCommerce, to one disrupting the food and healthcare sectors.
We share some of the hard numbers, like Amazon's [AMZN] income growth percentage and cash flow, as well as prime membership statistics and how this is shaping their future, both in terms of share price, and multi-market domination. 
We compare two of the biggest retail giants in the UK. Boohoo [BOO] has sent ASOS [ASOS] spinning, with the latter at the time becoming one of the most shorted stocks. We look at why it became favoured by short-sellers, and what it can do to recover, plus the growth of Boohoo and who traders should be favouring.
We also include analyst commentary on what ASOS can do to gain back some of their retail power. This power struggle between brands will definitely be one to watch in the new year. 
It’s been one of the most talked-about IPOs of 2019 and we made sure to cover every high, and every low of Beyond Meat [BYND]. After shooting up more than 252% between its IPO price and its high, we discuss whether or not it was overvalued, when short sellers should pounce, as well as looking at its strongest competitor and how their strategies differentiate.
We also weigh up varying analyst opinions on whether or not it’s heading for more growth, or perhaps more downturn, plus what the CEO himself had to say on the IPO. Read our follow-up to this article.
With an abundance of vocal traders on Twitter, it’s hard to pinpoint who best to follow, and those just spouting noise. So, we cherry-picked our top ten traders to follow on Twitter. We broke down what they tweet about and why you should follow, ranging from technical analysts to fundamental commentators. 
The exit of Alibaba’s [BABA] co-founder was seen as a potential inflection point for the Chinese e-commerce company. We looked at four key components that could drive company growth, alongside analyst commentary and what the future holds for Alibaba.
With new CEO Daniel Zhang having some big shoes to fill, we also look at the ambitious five-year plan he’s putting in place, and whether it’s likely to prove to shareholders he’s up to the task.
One of our more recent articles, but an important one for Opto readers. We give you 20 stocks to keep an eye on in 2020, ranging from retail to biotech to automobiles. Our newsletter readers, in particular, loved this article, and it was one of our most engaged with.
We highlight the stocks expected to move most in 2020, and pinpoint the geopolitical events most likely to influence prices, including Hong Kong’s protests, the opioid epidemic and lost licenses.
Once the most shorted stock on the market, Tesla [TSLA] shocked traders worldwide with sentiment-confounding Q3 earnings. We look at what caused Tesla to gain such a notorious reputation, what prominent analysts predict for the stock, and whether bulls or bears are likely to win this high-profile tug of war.
From production targets being missed, to how the controversial CEO, Elon Musk, influenced the peaks and troughs of Tesla’s share price, this article is sure to cover all bases. It’s certainly one to watch in the new year. 
With Lloyds [LLOY] being the most traded stock in the UK, we had to include a banking article in our top 10. In this piece, we discuss the unavoidable topics we’ve had in the run-up to Christmas; Brexit and the general election. We looked at how three of the biggest UK banks were likely to be affected by a Conservative or Labour win.
Revisit our predictions for how Lloyds, RBS [RBS] and Barclays [BARC], and find out what Moody’s outlook looks like for the UK banking sector. 
Our article discussing Apple [AAPL] – published in August - breaks down the company’s market share and how they are diversifying themselves to accommodate for slowing iPhone sales. We touch on their upcoming (at the time) Apple TV+ streaming service, as well as the success of AirPods and the Apple Watch.
This is rounded off with the threat of trade war uncertainty and what analysts forecast for Apple’s future. See how things turned around for Apple.
Thanks for joining the Opto community and we hope you enjoyed the articles we’ve published this year. We’re looking forward to all that’s to come in 2020. Happy New Year!


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