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OPTO Sessions Andrew Thrasher’s hot take

Andrew Thrasher’s hot take

Andrew Thrasher is a portfolio manager at Indiana-based asset management firm The Financial Enhancement Group. He is also the founder of Thrasher Analytics, which provides research and analysis for financial advisors and investment institutions. He joined Opto Sessions to talk markets. Here he answers Opto’s quickfire questions.


What’s your favourite book?

Some of my favourites are the Market Wizard series and most recently The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution. For technical analysis, How To Make Money in Stocks by William O'Neal was very useful.


Where or who do you go to for market insights?

There are a lot of traders that I talk with — some more than others. Some of my favourites are Dan Russo, JC Parets, Ari Wald, Joseph Fahmy, Brian Shannon — Jim Bianco in Chicago is great with more economic type stuff. There's a lot of financial Twitter and Social Media and a lot of bloggers that do excellent jobs writing insight that I'm lucky enough to call good friends.


What’s your top tip for your younger self?

Take more risks.


What’s your favourite charting software?

Probably Optuma — I’m a really big fan.


Where’s the best place you’ve travelled?

I loved Italy, my wife and I went a couple of years ago. There’s just so many beautiful places in Italy, and I would move there if it was a realistic option. I could trade the US markets and would love to live in Italy for six months.


What’s your top prediction for next year?

I truly do try to keep an open mind. When we get an expectation of a price target or an earnings price target, even if it's done flippantly, it does create a mindset where you've put something out there and you get attached to it. Not having one and trying to be fluid with the market has many advantages. So no, I really don't have an expectation.


You can listen to Andrew Thrasher explore everything from the current market climate, the upcoming US election, risk management, sector rotation and much more on Opto Sessions:


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