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ETF TV Inside the ESG ETF on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

ETF TV’s weekly episodes cover the latest ETF listings and breaking news, alongside interviews with the people behind the ETF headlines.

For this week’s episode of ETF TV, host Debbie Fuhr is speaking with David Semaya, executive chairman and representative director, and Junichi Kamitsubo, the general manager of corporate planning department at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management in Tokyo, Japan.

We get some background from Semaya into Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management and their focus on ESG in recent years, all leading to their very first ETF which listed on the Toyko Stock Exchange on June 23rd.

Kamitsubo delves into what this ETF entails, what type of investors would invest in this ESG product, as well as his outlook on the ETF industry in Japan.

Finally, Semaya reveals their plans for the rest of 2021 and exactly why the past year was so transformative for the industry in Japan.

To find out more about why this ESG ETF is so interesting and what the future holds for the market in Japan, watch the full interview below.


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