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ETF TV How does the future of ESG in Europe look?

ETF TV’s weekly episodes cover the latest ETF listings and breaking news, alongside interviews with the people behind the ETF headlines.

In this week’s episode of ETF TV, hosts Dan Barnes and Deborah Fuhr welcomed Isabelle Bourcier, head of quantitative and MAQS at BNP Paribas Asset Management to discuss their new High-Yield SRI Fossil Fuel ETF. The new fund only includes bonds with MSCI ESG ratings of BB or higher, and excludes those with a red MSCI ESG Controversy Score, in order to offer strong ESG features while excluding all ties to fossil fuels.

Isabelle suggests BNP Paribas intends to continue focusing its ETFs on the ESG theme, rather than becoming what she calls an “ETF supermarket”.

In wider ETF news this week, Deborah notes many funds have reduced their fees, and several news crypto ETF filings have been made. She predicts a US crypto fund will launch this year.

To find out more about BNP Paribas’ outlook for ESG funds in Europe, and the general overview of exchange-traded products launched this week, watch the full episode below.



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