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How can investors support cancer research with ETFs?

ETF TV’s weekly episodes cover the latest ETF listings and breaking news, alongside interviews with the people behind the ETF headlines.

For this week’s episode of ETF TV, hosts Margareta Hricova and Deborah Fuhr speak to Paul Kim, CEO & Cofounder of Simplify and Victoria Wolodzko, Senior Vice President at Susan G. Komen about the new actively managed Simplify Health Care ETF [PINK] which will donate the profits to the Susan G. Komen® organization.

We begin the episode with Kim explaining why he decided to create the Simplify Healthcare ETF [PINK] and what companies the ETF is focused on.

Woldodzko then shares the backstory of the Susan G. Komen organisation, including who they invest in and advocate for, as well as some of their standout stats. She also informs us about the number of people impacted by breast cancer in the US, as well as the discrepancies in diagnosis and treatment being a key driver behind the organisation’s research.

We then hear how the global pandemic has impacted the organisation, with both the setbacks they have received, such as delays in biomedical research, as well as how hospitals have adapted to the new way of life with technological advancements, like telehealth.

Woldodsko then goes into detail about the type of research and what the organisation is looking to fund next year, including offering grants to academic scientists and funding young talent in the field.

The interview is concluded by Kim sharing his plans to list any further ETFs, then finally Deborah gives her update on the ETF industry and any new listings.

You can donate at komen.org.

Watch the full video below.



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