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ETF TV Are ESG ETFs the way to go?

ETF TV’s weekly episodes cover the latest ETF listings and breaking news, alongside interviews with the people behind the ETF headlines.

This week’s ETF TV episode sees hosts Deborah Fuhr and Dan Barnes discuss all things ESG with Sarah Kjellberg, head of U.S. iShares Sustainable ETFs at BlackRock. One of two low carbon transition readiness ETFs launched by BlackRock this week took the crown as the largest ever ETF to come to market, with a staggering $12.5bn valuation at launch.

Sarah explains that ESG concerns are a key focus for BlackRock for the rest of 2021 and beyond, stating that the “low carbon transition represents a historic opportunity”. As well as continuing to develop products in the space, the BlackRock sustainability team aim to continue improving their standing as ESG thought leaders and increasing the transparency of their ESG funds.


To hear more from Sarah, and for Deborah’s take on the potential $8.3trn ETF record broken in March, watch the full episode below.


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