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A day in the life of Wendy Wang

21 May 2021, 00:50

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I work out of the Sydney hub of CMC Markets Connect, providing support to our institutional clients both in Australia and right across the APAC region. Because we’re covering such a wide area, my multi-lingual skills – I’m fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as English – certainly prove to be valuable. That’s not just in terms of building and maintaining commercial relationships, but also when it comes to covering our due diligence and onboarding procedures. As a business we frequently end up looking at documents that aren’t written in English, so the diverse language skills we have right across the business provide significant added value. And by internalising tasks like this, we can be that much more responsive.

On a day-to-day basis, I find myself interacting with multiple types of institutional clients, including APIs, Grey Labels, Introducing Brokers, as well as a number of High-Net-Worth customers. Much of this revolves around pricing or funding queries, but critically, I’m that first port of call for clients, something that will often result in me acting as the liaision with the dealing team. The bulk of these interactions take place with our APAC clients but a key advantage we have at CMC is our global footprint. Markets operate 24 hours a day, so it’s not unusual for us to pick up enquiries from customers who may be located in Europe but need a situation addressing quickly. The delegated management structure at CMC makes that possible – we don’t have to route everything back to London, which is something I believe clients appreciate as we can be that much more responsive to their needs. 

We have regional offices in both Singapore and Shanghai, so I work closely with my colleagues there, ensuring they have all the support they need. Critically this B2B market is a challenging one with no shortage of competitors, so it’s important that we collectively push the advantages of partnering with CMC to the APAC market. Interacting with this team on a regular basis helps us understand what clients want and given the IT resources we have at our disposal, we are typically able to respond in an agile way to meet their changing needs. One specific area of interest of late has been cryptocurrencies and I believe CMC has a true edge here. Ultimately, our standing as a well-respected, listed broker with a reputation which is respected globally instils a degree of trust in a potentially revolutionary asset class that is still in its early days. 

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