Digital 100 trading with CMC Markets

You'll be able to speculate on whether or not an event will occur across major indices, forex pairs ​and commodities, ​with timeframes starting at five minutes.

The basics

Our new digital 100s...

  • let you speculate on whether or not an event will occur within or at the end of a set timeframe
  • offer you limited-risk trading
  • allow you to trade across a range of timeframes
CMC Markets

Digital 100 types

CMC Markets


Will the settlement price be at or above a specified strike price when the digital 100 expires?

CMC Markets

One Touch

Will the settlement price reach or pass a specified strike price before or when the digital 100 expires?​

CMC Markets


Will the settlement price be at or above the previous period's close price when the digital 100 expires?

CMC Markets


Will the settlement price be between a specified range when the digital 100 expires?

Key definitions:

Settlement price: The reference price which determines whether or not you have won or lost the digital 100. 
Strike price: The target price against which the digital 100 outcome will be determined.​

For example, if you buy a Ladder digital 100 on the UK 100, the settlement price will need to be above or equal to the strike price at the end of the timeframe to make a profit. Conversely, you will make a loss if the settlement price is below the strike price at the end of the timeframe.


Digital 100s will be available over the following timeframes (known as 'expiry'):

  • 5 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • Daily*
  • Weekly

*Some digital 100 instruments will have two daily expiries. The earlier expiry is displayed as 'D1' and the later expiry as 'D2'.

CMC Markets

Tradeable products

Trade digital 100s from three asset classes

EUR/USDUK 100Crude Oil West Texas
USD/JPYGermany 30Silver
AUD/USDFrance 40 
 Spain 35 
 Italy 40 
 Sweden 30 
 US SPX 500 
 US NDAQ 100 

We’ll be adding more instruments following our digital 100s launch to meet popular demand.

Digital 100s will be listed in their own section in the product library, and will also be available via the new 'Digital 100s' tab in the top navigation toolbar.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick results – some digital 100s can be traded over timeframes of just five minutes
  • Limited risk – you can’t lose more than your initial investment
  • Transparent – you know your potential profit and loss up front
  • More opportunities – trade digital 100s even when the market is moving sideways
  • No currency exposure – our digital 100s are quoted in your account currency, with no FX risk
  • Close out early – end your trade early* to lock in a profit or reduce a loss

*only during digital 100 trading hours and prior to the pre-close period

What happens next?

When digital 100s appear in your Next Generation trading platform there's no need to open a separate account or learn a new piece of software. However, we do recommend that you upgrade your CMC Markets mobile apps to the most recent version if you like to trade on the go and want to access digital 100s.