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10 Gaming Stocks to Watch in 2020

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Gaming in Numbers

$138 billion

Value of the global gaming industry in 2019; a 3 billion increase on 2018

$250 million

No. of people playing Tencent-owned Epic Game's blockbuster hit, Fortnite, as of March 2019


One game-maker's share price performance over the past 5 years

$10.9 billion

Nintendo's sales in fiscal 2019; a $6.54bn gain on 2017's total


Nvidia's share price performance over the last 6 months


Growth in GTA RP gameplay hours watched, between Q1 & Q2 2019

+50% YoY

One stock's estimated year-over-year earnings increase for 2019

What's fuelling growth?

Learn why now could be the time to trade gaming, as e-sports and the cloud deliver stratospheric growth

Where's the value?

In a high-growth sector, don't be punished by dizzying valuations. We pinpoint the value buys

How to trade?

Whether it's individual stocks or ETFs, we explore the variety of ways traders can get exposure to this exciting sector

ebook preview

A comprehensive guide to trading gaming stocks. Learn why analysts and institutions alike are raving about this high-growth sector


We highlight tradable stock market opportunities, whether it's a value buy or a shorter-term growth story


We interview industry figures to understand what's really fuelling such rapid change in this $138bn market


We talk to the industry's best & brightest - from market analysts to research firm founders, we leave no stone unturned

Gaming is now worth more than both the global music and film industries

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