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A Day in The Life Of Sam Scully Hawkins

18 Dec 2021, 00:00

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Sam Scully Hawkins - a day in the life

I'm the CFD TRading Operations and Payments Manager for CMC Markets in the APAC region, based out of our Sydney office. That role means I'm working both with the retail and institutional sides of the business, ensuring we can provide high quality, round the clock service for clients of all types. I think it's fair to say that if you're positioning yourself as a premium provider in todays' environment, clients do expect to be able to access high-quality support and get their problems solved whenever the underlying markets are open. With that in mind, right across the business as a while, we are committed to delivering against those expectations and my teams in APAC play a fundamental part in this. 

When it comes to interacting with CMC Markets Connect clients, that typically starts fairly early on in the process. The institutional team will agree terms and sign the deal, but we then step in to ensure things like the technical onboarding process flows smoothly, APIs are functioning and all the permissions are set correctly. We’re also supporting the institutional services team when it comes to interacting with our internal legal and compliance teams, too. They’re checking in terms of due diligence when it comes to the set-up, whilst the dealing desk is also a key part of the process here, both at the outset to ensure prices reflect the contract agreement and then on an ongoing basis to guard against inappropriate flow.

The fact we’re supported by the team back in London is again another real strength for clients. Although we have the skills and autonomy to be able to resolve issues as they arise and regardless of where the client is located geographically, collectively the business has a real weight of experience when it comes to supporting other institutions. Knowing that we have the ability to draw on that provides an invaluable level of reassurance for all our counterparties. Invariably, institutional clients are well educated and know this market as the expert users they are. There’s nothing to be gained here by trying to take shortcuts and the comprehensive product offering we have at CMC ensures that’s never the case.

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