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A 3 minute Q&A with Vicky Clark

10 Feb 2021, 00:05

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Three words which describe your job
Fast-paced, creative and innovative.

You recently rebranded CMC’s institutional division as CMC Markets Connect. What does the new brand mean to you?
In the initial research and early planning stages, we were very keen for the brand to include some key elements which differentiated us from the retail business, whilst at the same time reflecting the CMC Markets heritage. I believe we have achieved that with the premium, contemporary look and feel of CMC Markets Connect. The company has been working in this space for 30 years and has made significant investment into its award-winning trading technology and liquidity provision. The new identity acknowledges this, whilst also underlining the significance of our institutional division, ultimately delivering a proposition that bolsters genuine confidence amongst our counterparties.

How do you ensure CMC Connect can differentiate its positioning from competitors?
There are two key routes we are pursuing here. Over the last year, we have been upgrading our content strategy for the Institutional market ahead of the CMC Markets Connect launch, so that has given us a real edge. We’ve also been working with new and existing media partners to ensure we can amplify the new brand in the relevant areas – both geographically and on a sectoral basis. This means we are able to leverage underlying aspects of the existing CMC Markets proposition as well as position ourselves perfectly to make the most of the coming wave of institutional product launches.

Many people expect a return to a more ‘normal’ environment in 2021, but our ways of working have changed dramatically, especially when it comes to marketing products and services. What new trends do you think will stick around?
The series of lockdowns have driven lots of fantastic new content across the board and arguably reinvigorated interest in the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter, as companies look to access broader B2B distribution channels. As a result, I’d expect to see more use of social media in many organisations’ marketing strategies going forward, although this certainly isn’t a light touch initiative – it still takes a lot of resource if you want to do it well. As for virtual events, these will probably linger in some shape or form, especially when it comes to the smaller, one hour “breakfast briefing” concept as everyone is now adept at using the technology. But the reality is that trying to hold bigger expos online just doesn’t deliver the cut, especially when it comes to networking opportunities. There might be some marginal changes seen at in-person events such as capacity limitations, but almost twelve months in and I think the market is ready to see some flagship events back in the calendar.

What’s been your favourite box set or TV series to watch over the past few months?
Bridgerton – I’m not usually a fan of period dramas but this series is fantastic. It’s ethnically diverse with a modern twist and they have really reinvented the genre. I’m very much looking forward to series two.

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