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A 3 minute Q&A with Camilla Boldracchi

02 Jan 2021, 04:40

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Three words which describe your job
 Multilingual, fast-paced and engaging.

How do you think the industry will innovate in the future?
There's an ever-growing focus on the power of diversity and inclusion. With many in the FinTech industry reaping the fruits of encouraging more women and minorities in to leadership roles but also as part of their user-base. I am confident that this will only improve further as we move forward.

I also think it will be inevitable for the industry to move towards an even more bespoke and customisable experience for clients –technology means there’s no justification for a one size fits all approach. However, in terms of true disruptive potential, all arrows point towards Artificial Intelligence. Whether it is in relation to execution management, trade performance or risk management AI will play centre stage.

Price action has largely returned to more normal levels after the sharp increases we saw in March. Do you think counterparties are now better prepared for the next spike in volatility?
Turbulence is still on the cards, however end clients and counterparties have adjusted to the new status quo suggesting that they are indeed better prepared for any potential new spike. I would also imagine that just like CMC Markets, counterparties are weary of geopolitical developments internationally and have now deployed mechanisms to mitigate (to a certain degree) adverse market conditions.

You mention you are multilingual. How does that help in a world that many perceive to be dominated by the English language? There's an ever-growing focus on the power of diversity and inclusion. 
I’m fluent in 5 languages and since joining CMC Markets, I‘ve been able to use these skills on a daily basis, not only to meet the ever expanding needs of our international client base, but also as normal practice within the diverse, vibrant and global CMC Markets community. When you interact in another language, it means that you are also interacting with the culture that speaks the language which is always helpful when building and managing relationships internally and externally. Even though most of our clients speak English, it’s great to have that common ground with an individual.

What’s been your favourite box set or TV series to watch over the past few months?
I loved watching the sci-fi series “Humans” on Netflix and felt it was incredibly well done and thought provoking. It’s engaging from a deep philosophical perspective. The characters have been created with careful attention and they are able to really pull at the heartstrings. I still cannot get over Season 3!

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