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CMC CapX provides a marketplace that can match buyers and sellers of unlisted securities. Our marketplace provides a liquidity solution for private companies that are looking to allow shareholders to sell their shares.

How does it work?

  1. Discover investing opportunitiesInvestors can register to be notified of exclusive deals in the private market. Private companies can contact us directly if seeking to use our website as a liquidity solution.
  2. ParticipateTake part in private deals as either a buyer or seller of unlisted securities by indicating your interest through our website.
  3. Complete the transaction If we find an appropriate buyer or seller to match with you, we will contact you directly to facilitate the transaction.

WHY CMC cap x

Get access to exclusive investment opportunities in the private market.

CMC CapX aims to offer a more accessible, transparent private market. Whether you are an investor looking to access the private market, or a private company seeking to use our website as a liquidity solution for your shareholders, CMC CapX can assist with facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of unlisted securities.

what we offer

  1. Exclusive deals
  2. A more accessible, transparent private market
  3. Excellent client services


Common questions

How does marketplace investing with CMC CapX work?

CMC CapX provides a marketplace that can introduce buyers and sellers of unlisted securities. The marketplace provides a wide range of private company investment opportunities and a liquidity solution for private companies seeking to facilitate the sale of shares for their shareholders.

What is the Direct Investment Model vs the Indirect Investment Model?

As a buyer, you can submit an application under the Direct Investment Model by selecting “Deliver shares to another broker”. This means that, if the transaction is successful, you will receive your allocation as shares held with your preferred broker.

Alternatively, as a buyer you may apply under the Indirect Investment Model, meaning that, if the transaction is successful, your shares will be converted to a Spread Bet or CFD (as applicable) and held in your CMC account.

What are the fees associated with trading through CMC Markets?

Typically, there is a 5% fee. Fees may be greater depending on the complexity, structure or size of the transaction.

Who can invest in private companies with CMC CapX?

Our services are only available to professional clients or eligible counterparties. If you are eligible to receive our services, you may submit a non-binding expression of interest to buy or sell shares via our website.

What are the potential risks of investing in private companies?

There are inherent risks associated with investing in such offerings and such investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Such risks may include risks associated with investing in early stage companies, loss of capital, lack of liquidity and dilution risk. Please read our Risk Warning before making any investment decisions.

What are the potential benefits of investing in private companies?

Access to companies at an earlier stage: While there's no assurance that startups will appreciate in value upon going public, investing early provides the opportunity for potential long-term gains if the company grows. Growth potential: Investing in pre-IPO opportunities can yield substantial returns, even if the company has already at a later stage of development. Private companies, like publicly traded ones, can offer sizable returns, especially upon going public and experiencing increased investor demand. Portfolio diversification: The private market presents a distinct asset class compared to publicly traded stocks. Diversifying by investing in pre-IPO shares can mitigate risks associated solely with publicly traded stocks.

Please note that CMC CapX does not provide investment advice of any kind and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice regarding the merits of entering into, and the suitability of, any investment.

How do companies typically work with CMC CapX?

CMC CapX collaborates with private companies and individuals. Our services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. We assist in managing the administrative and operational complexities associated with transacting in the private marketplace. If you would like to find out more please contact us on

How do I value private company shares?

Private companies offer less transparency to investors compared to public companies, and pricing data from prior trades is not as readily available. However, you can estimate a valuation using information such as private market trading activity, recent funding valuations, and valuation trends at similar companies. Please note that CMC CapX does not provide investment advice of any kind.

How can I sell private company shares through CMC CapX?

Begin by registering online with CMC CapX at no cost. Provide the name of the private company whose shares you intend to sell, along with the quantity of shares and your desired price per share. This information remains confidential until necessary. CMC CapX records your interest and leverages its network of professional investors and institutions to identify potential buyers. Upon finding a potential buyer, a member of the CMC CapX broker team will contact you to assist in negotiating terms and establishing a final purchase price. The average transaction typically takes around three to four weeks from the moment CMC CapX introduces a buyer and a seller until the transaction is finalized. Throughout the process, CMC CapX keeps you informed about timelines and required steps. It's important to note that each transaction is unique and may require more time to complete.

What are the benefits for companies who work with CMC CapX?

CMC CapX is the trading name of CMC Markets UK plc. CMC Markets is FCA regulated and a member of the London Stock Exchange. CMC Markets was established in 1989 and became a FTSE250 listed company in 2016. CMC is the second largest domestic stockbroker in Australia and the group has offices in fourteen countries, with major hubs based in the UK, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, Australia & Canada servicing clients from all around the globe. CMC employs more than fourteen hundred staff and has around one million clients globally.

Why do I need to open a new account with CMC to invest through the Indirect Investment Model?

If you elect for your shares to be converted to a Spread Bet or CFD, it must be held in a separate account with CMC for the sole purpose of receiving our services. This account has dedicated client configurations whereby all derivative contracts entered into with you will be considered a Manual Product.


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