Celebrating Women in Finance

The adoption of digital assets continues apace, against a backdrop of significant economic uncertainty. Join us as we unpack insights into understanding how these two factors overlap.

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Take a look at the discussion points covered in the event, from assessing price behaviours to the environmental impact of bitcoin and gold.

Explaining price behaviours during a time of rising inflation

The panellists will cover why we're seeing the current price behaviour in the market for digital assets and gold. Considerations are also set to include:

  • Physical gold
  • Bitcoin
  • Other crypto offerings
  • Non-traditional assets, eg non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Digital assets vs traditional investments

The panellists will explore the accessibility of NFTs and other alternative assets, discussing how they compare with traditional investment opportunities and inflation hedges. Considerations include:

  • Wine
  • Art
  • Property
  • Bonds
  • NFTs

Rise of the growing energy problem

Mining proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin requires significant energy resources. But is this any worse for the environment than mining traditional assets like gold?. Considerations include:

  • The environmental impact of mining gold
  • What's the true environmental cost of mining gold?
  • The social cost of poor labour conditions and a lack of transparency fully understood in the resources sector?


Shazia Azim

Partner, Financial Services Consulting Leader at PwC UK

Shazia Azim is a member of the Investment Committee of PwC’s insurer and was awarded Insurance Leader of the Year in 2019 by Women in Finance. Prior to leading PwC’s UK Consulting Financial Services business, Shazia led PwC’s Asset Advisory practice. She has spent 16 years in investment banking in senior front office roles at Goldman Sachs, RBS and UBS. She is a Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan and read PPE at University College, Oxford and has an MSc in Economics from LSE.

Mel Tsiaprazis

Chief Commercial Officer, Bitstamp

Specialising in commercial strategy, expansion, and client relationships, Mel has 20 years’ experience in overseeing global operations and corporate scaling, specialising in financial services. Formerly chief operation officer at capital markets scale-up firm Nivaura, where she built digital and automated workflows, Mel was also the COO at Crown Agents Bank. Apart from driving Bitstamp’s institutional client crypto growth, Mel also works as an advisor to fintech start-ups. She is also a champion for women in the workforce and an active supporter for inclusion and diversity.

Eva Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer, Arcane Crypto

Eva is chief operating officer of Nasdaq First North company, Arcane Crypto. Arcane build and invest in companies to enable the adoption of digital assets worldwide. Eva has had a diverse career across law, trading, business development and strategy, along with over eight years in finance, primarily at Morgan Stanley, where she was head of EMEA flow trading for securities lending, having also worked at an FX prime brokerage. Eva is also a UK-qualified lawyer, specialising in contract law, digital assets, funds, and financial services.

Michelle Chivunga

CEO and Founder, Global Policy House

Greater Guildford Area

Michelle is a globally-recognised investor, blockchain and digital transformation professional, with a career background in banking, government policy and technology. Michelle runs GPH, which focuses on sustainable outcomes leveraging blockchain and data. She is also a senior government advisor on policy and regulatory structures, and supports international groups including the African Union (55 member states), UN, ICC, and WTO. Michelle has been recognised as a Top 10 Woman in Blockchain in Africa, and Top 40 Global Fintech4Good Fellow.

Diana Biggs

Chief Strategy officer, DeFi Technologies

London, UK

Previously CEO of DeFi Technologies’ subsidiary, Valour, Diana has been working with investors, technologists and researchers in the decentralised finance sector since 2013. Diana led the launch and expansion of Valour’s ETPs and growth in AUM to over $375m. An associate fellow at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, Diana was also global head of innovation for HSBC Private Banking. She has previously held positions at Uphold, Anthemis, Oliver Wyman, Kiva and the IIED. She is on the Board of HIVE Blockchain, a digital leader for the WEF, and a mentor with the Creative Destruction Lab.


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