Trade Germany 30 out of hours

From 19 September 2016 you will be able to spread bet and trade CFDs on the Germany 30 index even when the underlying market is closed.

What’s changing?

From 19 September, the Germany 30 index will open from 7am on Mondays through to 9pm on Fridays. On Monday to Thursday, there will be two short daily breaks, from 9.15pm to 9.30pm and from 10pm to 11pm. This applies to our cash and forward Germany 30 instruments.

The change means we now offer extended hours trading on both the Germany 30 and UK 100 indices.

The way we price these instruments out-of-hours is different from our in-hours pricing – you can find out more below. As a result of this, our out-of-hours spreads will typically be wider than our in-hours spreads. Please log in to the trading platform to see our current spreads.

CMC Markets

More choice, less gapping risk

We believe there are a number of benefits to offering extended hours trading, including:

  • Greater flexibility – you are able to open and close positions over a much larger time period, giving you more choice and opportunity.
  • Reduced slippage – any stop-loss orders or liquidations will be executed during the out-of-hours session, potentially resulting in more favourable prices than you would receive if the market gaps on the open.

Please also note that any positions you hold in Germany 30 could be closed when the underlying market is shut.

How do you make your prices out of market hours?

There are certain circumstances where we have to generate our own prices manually rather than through our automated pricing engine, for example where we quote prices on CFDs and spread bets outside of the market hours of the underlying products. This in turn provides you with liquidity outside of these market hours.

Where we generate such prices manually, we will endeavour to produce a fair price taking into account certain third-party pricing sources, where available, as well as our own market for the relevant product.


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