Year-End Greater-China and Singapore Market outlook

  • Thu 22 Nov 2018
  • 6.30pm (SGT)

In this seminar, our speaker will share the differences between Shanghai A-Share and Hong Kong H-share, and how to capture the opportunities beneath the valuation gap. Recent slump in China, Hong Kong and Singapore stock market has attracted investors to re-look at these markets as their valuation is approaching three-year low. Is China economy able to withstand the headwind of the Trade War? Are Hong Kong Shares oversold? Where are Singapore shares heading to? Explore the undervalued gems and identify the best trading opportunities using Next Gen’s SuperTrend indicator. Join us to learn more.

  • Overview of China and Singapore economy against headwind of trade war
  • How to identify a bear market – using SuperTrend and ‘Dead Cross’
  • Blue Chips study – Hong Kong and Singapore markets
  • ETFs with exposure to Greater China markets


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