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US earnings season: stocks to watch

US earnings season

Keep your finger on the pulse during US earnings season to strike on the price movements of some of the world’s biggest companies.


US earnings season in a nutshell

It’s that time of year when public companies in the US release information on their financial health. During October and early November, they’ll let us know how their performance is tracking, what their strategies are, and if there are any company shakeups on the cards.

Analysts, traders, and investors will then compare the numbers with what was predicted, and if the reality doesn’t meet the expectation, there’s a trading opportunity to be found.

Why trade on US share CFDs during earnings season?

Active traders can take advantage of market volatility that may occur as a result of the financials reported. And with $0 commission on US shares until 31 December 2021 with CMC Markets, you can make your trades go even further this season—whatever the size. 

Go long or short before an announcement

Let’s say you’ve been following a US company and keeping up with the analysis around it. In the lead-up to earnings season, you can decide if the company is undervalued or overvalued and go either long or short on it before its announcement.

Alternatively, you may choose to wait and take a position after the company has released its earnings to have more insight into its performance.

Everyone from Wall Street money managers to traders like you get access to the same financial information at the same time, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Did you spot these opportunities?

Take advantage of ripple effects

Earnings results from one company could have an impact on another. For example, results from a company like Apple may have a ripple effect on semiconductor (chip) stocks and ETFs. It also offers transparency on which sectors look to be promising in the near future.

Become a well-informed trader

Trading news releases and economic announcements can pose exciting short-term trading opportunities. And when the performance of a particular group of stocks making announcements can influence an entire index—think FAANG stocks on the S&P 500—it makes for key viewing. 

Following the financial performance of US companies and better understanding, their impact on markets can add to your trading prowess. Even if you aren’t looking to actively trade during this time, it’s an important opportunity to build knowledge

Stocks to watch during US earning season

Looking for inspiration? These are the top traded US shares in the last three months:

Top traded shares in July

Top traded shares in August

​Top traded shares in September



United Airlines​​


United Airlines

Bank of America​







​United Airlines




Bank of America​

Vinco Ventures​




​New Oriental Education


​Rocket Lab

​Context Logic

Context Logic​

Cisco Systems​

Bank of America​



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