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US earnings season 2022: latest insights

US earnings

If you’ve been on the fence about US tech, results from this quarter’s US earnings season may make your decision easier.

High inflation, geopolitical uncertainties, and headwinds from the Fed’s speedy approach on tightening monetary policy have made for a dim economic outlook for US markets.

Is there optimism in sight?

Market sentiment will be influenced by the revenue and future guidance reported in US earnings this month.

Will big names like Netflix, Tesla, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft weather the storm with standout performances?

Our expert analysts will preview the need-to-know earnings, so you’re ahead of the pack. Bookmark this page and check in regularly to not miss opportunities in market volatility.

Key reporting dates

20 April: Netflix Inc.

21 April: Tesla Motors Inc.

27 April: Alphabet | Microsoft

28 April: Meta Platforms

28 April: Amazon

29 April: Apple

Latest news: Can meta platforms reverse the course of a massive decline?

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Microsoft and Alphabet earnings: what to expect

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Tesla moves up a gear, on course to double annual profits

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Key factors for Netflix outlook

Subscriber growth, cost of content, and streaming competition will all play a role in Netflix results. Can it beat already lowered expectations this earnings season? Read more.

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