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Need 4 Speed - ASX Report - 18/10/22

ASX Trading

G'day folks and welcome to another trading day with your friendly, neighbourhood CMC Market Analyst! 

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Trading Idea of the Day

ASX:XRO- Xero Ltd - BULLISH BIAS (long term)

  • Key levels on the chart - consider taking trades from key support/resistance zones.
  • Starting out in New Zealand and Australia, Xero has since spread to the UK, United States and over 100 countries around the world. The super simple online accounting tool lets anyone manage their company finances for a monthly subscription fee.
  • The simpler interface and UX design has meant that Xero is often favoured over more established names by freelancers who don’t have a financial background.
  • Xero is still in relatively early stages of growth with additional integrations, tools and features added on a regular basis making the management of your business easier year after year.
  • This creates a very sticky customer base that provides an unusually high resilience on revenue for Xero.

ASX & Economic Key Events

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Economic Key Events (TODAY)

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OPTO For Investors Research

Article of the Day: Has the SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF bottomed?
Podcast of the Day: Inside Callum Thomas’ Topdown Charts analysis process

APAC Daily Report

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Market Snapshot & Highlights as of 8am AEDT

EXPECTATIONS: Energy LOWER (lower oil/nat gas) & Materials HIGHER on overall commodity prices.

Global Markets Headlines

(All news & data sourced from AFR / The Australian / Bloomberg / Reuters / CNBC / Wall Street Journal / Morningstar / OPTO / Trading Economics)

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