Trader Development Programme: Part 3 Doing what Good Traders do

  • Mon 26 Feb 2018
  • 7.00pm (NZDT)
  • advanced

Ultimately the most important thing for a new trader is to ensure your survival in the markets. Survival gives you a chance of success. Consistency in applying rules and managing your downside is the key to making money and being profitable from your trading activity in the long run. To be consistent, we need to first manage our risk – if we do that then the profits will eventually take care of themselves. We’ll outline a risk and money management plan to add to your trading plan. We’ll introduce the concept of the Breakeven Principle and we’ll look at the issues that typically cloud a traders decisions and help you to understand the impact of emotions on trading activity. 

  • Creating consistency by managing risk 
  • Money management in trading 
  • The Breakeven Principle 
  • Being in control of your emotions 

*Please note this webinar is reserved for live, funded clients. To open or fund an account please contact us on 0800 26 26 27.


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