Trader Development Programme: Part 2 Trading Strategy Creation

  • Tue 20 Feb 2018
  • 7.00pm (NZDT)
  • advanced

Part 2 of the Advanced Course is centred around two trading strategies where you will learn to identify a strong trend and join that trend safely by utilising the Momentum Breakout and the Trend Flow trading strategies. Use the price action to tell you where to make your entry, where to place your stop, and when to take profit. Become systematic with your trading decisions and eliminate the guess work. 

  • Combining technical ingredients to form high probability strategies 
  • How do you know when the trend will end? 
  • The Safest place to join an existing trend 
  • Where to place your entry, stop, and targets? 
  • Two trading strategies: The Momentum Breakout and the Trend Flow strategies 
  • Placing trades on the CMC Markets Tracker Platform 

*Please note this webinar is reserved for live, funded clients only. To open or fund an account, please contact us on 0800 26 26 27.


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