Strategy Boot Camp: Part 2/2 - Developing the Trading Skillset (2 hour special)

  • Thu 14 Dec 2017
  • 9.00pm (NZDT)

Many successful traders have walked a path of trading discovery; a journey of development and evolution of ups and downs. It’s often not an easy road to walk...but when it presents you with a skillset for life, it's can be worth it. 

What we cover in this 2-hour, content stacked webinar defines the journey that traders often pass through and also gives you insights, skills and understandings that could make this learning curve as easy as possible for the aspiring professional trader. 

What you will learn from this webinar includes: 

  • The new trader’s true motivations 
  • The new trader’s mindset vs a seasoned trader 
  • The 5 core personality traits that any aspiring trader should build 
  • Tools for speeding up the learning curve to become a good trader 
  • 4 key advantages to learning to trade on the Next Generation platform 
  • How to know when it’s time to progress from the demo account to a funded trading account 

*Please note this webinar is reserved for live, funded clients. To open or fund an account please contact us on 1800 303 888 or support@cmcmarkets.com. 


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