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50 Pips

FX Expert

The secretive independent FX trader on clean charts, the purity of price, and why failure is self-inflicted.

Linda Raschke

The New Market Wizard

The New Market Wizard on exploiting short-term swings and playing for a better position.

Brian Shannon

Founder | Alpha Trends

The Alpha Trends founder on using multiple timeframes and volume-weighted averages.

Charlie Burton

Founder | EzeeTrader

The FX trading champ on developing the right mindset, having a thick skin and knowing when to hold onto a trade.

Chris Kimble

Master chartist

The pioneering technical analyst on using historical patterns to identify future opportunity

Joe Donohue

Hedge fund founder

The hedge fund founder-turned trader on why following trends alongside careful diversification is key.

Joe Kunkle

Founder | Options Hawk

The ‘Options Hawk’ on growth and momentum in fundamentals, and why he’s ‘not into trends’.

Track Big Money

Leverage funds’ huge resources and monitor options flow

Follow the Trend

Why following momentum and the money, is the new “cool”

Define Your Style

What sets you apart? Listen to your results and adapt

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A broad set of ideas, techniques and philosophies are explored in detail across the interviews


Charlie Burton’s return on $10,000 in just 2.5 years

700 stocks

The size of Brian Shannon’s master list

120 charts

Pulled each time Chris Kimble detects an emerging pattern

When nobody likes something, it puts it on my radar

Chris Kimble

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