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Earnings from the Chinese eCommerce group released yesterday may have come in ahead of expectations but it was the slowest quarterly revenue growth posted by the company on record and the CEO expressed his caution over the handling of COVID outbreaks in the country as damaging for the wider retail industry. Price action across the wider sector moved higher as a result with JD’s daily vol hitting 246% against a monthly print of 170%, but peer Country Garden saw even more pronounced moves, with daily vol of 292% against 171% on the month. 

Wheat prices remain turbulent after the weekend’s news that India is to block exports of the commodity. The US cash contract traded in a range of around 7% yesterday and ultimately finished the session slightly lower, but US crop condition reports are adding to woes here amidst fears that this summer’s American harvest could be downgraded, too. Having printed 124% on Monday, daily vol was slightly lower at 102%, up from 51% on the month.

In fiat currencies, the US Dollar/Turkish Lira trade is yet again standing out, with the greenback testing fresh highs for the year during Tuesday’s trade. Technical indicators may be suggesting that the Lira is now oversold, but fundamentals are offering little cause for optimism. The Turkish Central Bank is due to meet next week however so this may be sufficient to offer some short-lived respite. Daily vol sat at 16.84% against 10.98% on the month. 

And finally, activity in crypto markets continues to ease, with Bitcoin posting daily vol below the monthly print, whilst price action in other digital assets continues to ease, too. Stellar Lumens posted 128% on the day versus 109% on the month, whilst Solana came in at 194% against 176%.  

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