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It’s been a rather quiet day for price action across the board, with few notable outliers. Shares in Australia’s Talga Resources made good headway off the back of well telegraphed news that they were to push ahead with support from the European Investment Bank to drive development of a mining site in Sweden. Shares added almost 9% as a result, driving one day volatility to 184% against 161.43% on the month.


Earnings news from HP has proved supportive of the share price too, with some solid gains heading into the close last night. One day vol here advanced to 73.63% against 56.32% on the month as investors bought into the likely benefits of cost savings.


Fiat currencies remained subdued on Wednesday and the situation was broadly similar for cryptos with only a couple of outliers here. Litecoin was the most notable here, which topped off gains of more than 30% since Monday to reach six-month highs as a result. One day vol printed 152.57% against 111.34% on the month.

And oil prices remain back in focus, with a number of fundamentals seen as driving the market. Disappointing US PMI data suggested business conditions were deteriorating faster than had been expected, whilst rising COVID cases in China are also proving to be a cause for concern. One day vol on Brent Crude came in at 46.45% against 39.93% on the month.
















































































































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