Scanning for current opportunities Post-US Election

  • Mon 09 Nov 2020
  • 6.00pm
  • intermediate

The long-awaited historical date of November 3rd, 2020 has now passed. Did the markets react well to the outcome? Will this new administration cope with the ongoing pandemic and restore a sense of order to the world’s largest economy?

This webinar is presented by a fulltime, experienced trader and focuses on the post-election trends that have occurred in the global markets following the result.
We will look at:
•    The price structure, established trends and charting patterns on the USD pairs and other major currency pairs
•    The resulting trends of the major US, European and Asian index markets
•    An analysis of gold, silver, oil and other important commodities
•    Creation of a worthy watch list from these popular markets, currencies and commodities
•    Reiteration of the importance of risk management during these undetermined and open-ended times for the financial markets.



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