Effective Entry & Exit Strategies [Live Event]

  • Sat 07 Mar 2020
  • 9.00am (EST)
  • beginner

 Traders focus a lot of time and energy on spotting the perfect time to enter a trade. While this is important, when traders choose to exit trades is just as vital in determining how successful the trade is. 

Felix Wong

In this live event, gain a better understanding of effective entry & exit strategies and look forward to the following highlights and more:

  • A review of risk management essentials
  • Learn about technical analysis indicators that you can easily apply to your trading
  • How to find effective entry & exit signals using technical analysis
  • How to set your stop-loss and take-profit points more effectively
  • Customizing your trading strategy to fit your needs and preferences
  • Open Q&A with CMC Market’s Sales Trader

When & where

07 March 9.00am
8500 Warden Ave. (Hilton Toronto | Markham Suites)Markham, Ontario


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