Around the World in 60 Minutes

  • Tue 06 Feb 2018
  • 7.00pm (EST)
  • beginner

This special webinar takes a look at global stock index, commodity and forex markets to assess and analyse the best moving markets in the world right now. 

Join CMC Markets and Trade With Precision to discover what’s hot and what’s not. Note that the markets covered will differ based on market conditions at the time of the webinar. 

Topics may include: 

• Top stock index trends in Europe, the USA and Asia plus what this means for Canadian shares 

• Forex pairs to have on your watch list and why 

• Commodity trends on both a short and longer term basis and what to expect in the days and weeks ahead 

• News to watch in the coming days and how this might affect the market 

• Key patterns and opportunities forming on the world’s major markets 

• Ask a professional trader anything you like on this live and interactive webinar


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