• What do I need to trade SSX stocks?

    All you need is a CMC Markets Stockbroking Account - open a live account.

    Existing customers can trade immediately (assuming you have sufficient funds).

  • Do SSX trades settle via CHESS to my Holding Identification Number (HIN)?

    Yes, SSX uses the same CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) as the ASX - meaning any trades executed on the APX will settle in exactly the same way as trades placed on the ASX.

  • Can I buy and sell online via the trading platform?

    No, we will only offer phone orders initially. However, once the exchange becomes more established (with further listings and liquidity) we will introduce online trading.

  • Where can I find out more about companies that are about to IPO on the SSX?

    A useful source of information is the upcoming floats section of SSX website.

  • How are prices quoted on SSX?

    SSX prices in AUD to 2 decimal places of a cent ($$.cccc. For example a price displayed as 12 is $12.0000)

  • Where can I see prices of SSX securities?

    The SSX website is a good source of information: SSX Prices

    However, once the exchange becomes more established with further listings and liquidity we will add SSX prices to our trading platform.

  • Can I see my SSX holdings on the platform?

    Yes, all CHESS holdings will appear on the platform under the ‘Stock Holdings’ drop down.

  • Where can I obtain information on SSX announcements and Corporate Actions?

    The SSX Website is a good source of information:

  • What are the brokerage costs?

    Click here for our brokerage rates

  • What are SSX Trading Hours?

    Normal trading hours are between 10:15am and 16:15pm Monday to Friday. Australia Eastern Standard Time or Australian Eastern Summer time (as appropriate)

    Trading Hours                                                                          Trading Sessions

    0830 to 1015 (+ / - 15 seconds)                                                   Pre-auction

    1015 to (+ / - 15 seconds)                                                           Auction

    1015 (+ / - 15 seconds) to 1615 (+ / - 15 seconds)                        Normal Trading

    1615 (+ / - 15 seconds) to 1700                                                   Post-trade

    1700 to 0830 (the following business day)                                    Closed

  • How long does it take for trades to settle?

    SSX works on a T+2 settlement cycle - for example a buy on Monday will settle on a Wednesday.

  • What stocks are available?

    View the full list of SSX stocks.

  • Is it possible to specify the expiry date of an SSX order?

    Yes, the ‘Limit Order’ offers 3 expiry options:

    An order to buy or sell a security in full or part at a specified or better price until expiry as set out below:

    1. Good for Day - valid for execution until the end of the trading day on which it was submitted;
    2. Good till Cancelled- valid for execution until cancelled or purged automatically at the end of the 20th trading day after it was submitted;
    3. Good till Absolute Date – valid for execution until cancelled or the expiration of Normal trading phase on a specified date or purged automatically at the end of the 20th trading day after it was submitted.