• What is CHESS?

    CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System. Instead of issuing a physical share certificate, CHESS records an account’s share ownership via the ASX’s computer-based share and settlement transaction system. An account’s security holding is recorded against its HIN and a statement is sent out to its registered address.

  • I have a HIN with another broker. Can I trade these shares through my stockbroking account?

    You’ll need to transfer any stock held under your HIN with another broker to your HIN with CMC Markets Stockbroking. We can arrange this on your behalf – simply complete the Transfer CHESS Holdings form.

  • I have some issuer-sponsored shares. How can I transfer them to my stockbroking account?

    If your shares are sponsored by the issuing company, you may wish to transfer them to be CHESS sponsored by CMC Markets Stockbroking (in order to sell shares online they must be CHESS sponsored by us). Simply mail or fax your Issuer-sponsored holding statement with a letter asking us to transfer them into your stockbroking account.

    You can only transfer into an account of the same name as the issuer-sponsored statement. Transferring into a different name is treated as an off-market transfer and may be subject to fees and/or government charges. For example, if the holdings are in the name ‘Mr J Smith’, you can’t transfer them directly into the account ‘Mr and Mrs J Smith’. Call us on 1300 360 071 if you have questions about CHESS transfers.

  • What is a HIN?

    HIN stands for Holder Identification Number. It is the number CHESS uses to identify an account and register its holdings. It also identifies the broker it holds the securities with. You’ll be provided with a HIN when you request to be CHESS sponsored with CMC Markets Stockbroking.

  • How long does it take to transfer my securities from another firm?

    Your broker is required by the Australian Securities Exchange to transfer your securities in two business days. Please ensure your stockbroking account details (including account name) match your CHESS statement to avoid any delays.