Stockbroking Pro platform



  • What is module “linking”?

    Each of our pro platform modules includes a small group of icons in the header. By marking multiple modules with the same colour, they will be linked, and changing the stock code for one will update them all. For example, you might link a quote panel, depth, sales, Reuters news and chart to your watchlist. Clicking a different stock code in the watchlist will update all of these windows automatically. If you would like more information on this platform feature watch our Pro platform – module linking video.

  • How can I customise the Pro platform?

    The Pro platform is a drag and drop platform, allowing you to positions modules where you wish, have multiple modules open on the screen (for example multiple depth windows or order tickets), and save up to 5 layouts accessible at the click of a button. If you need more information on how to setup your screens view our tutorial videos or our quick start guide.

  • If I drop from one of the frequent trader tiers (Active Investor or Premium Trader tier) to the Classic Investor tier, will I immediately need to start paying for Pro platform?

    No, whilst you might have dropped down to the Classic Investor tier you will still have an additional three months complimentary access to Pro platform. You will only need to start paying for the Pro platform usage after the three months if you have not moved back up to the Active Investor or Premium Trader tiers.

  • Can I view the Pro platform over more than one screen?

    Yes. To do so, click on 'Restore down' in the top-right corner of your browser window and then simply drag a corner of the browser to expand the platform over as many screens as you like.

  • How is Pro platform different to other professional trading platforms?

    The Pro platform has been custom built and aims to bring institutional trading tools to everyday frequent traders. There are a number of features that set Pro platform apart from other professional trading platforms including:

    • A custom-built charting package with over 90 indicators and 30 drawing tools
    • Full account integration and visibility, with real-time balance updates, statements and historical confirmations
    • In-platform research from reputable third party providers, including Reuters, ASX,
    • Morningstar and theScreener at no additional cost
    • Advanced order tickets
    • Greater client-customisation features
    • Module linking

  • Is there a charge for using the Pro platform?

    The Pro platform attracts a monthly platform fee of $49 if you’re on the Classic tier. This fee is waived for frequent traders in our Active Investor and Premium Trader tiers. No matter what Frequent Trader Program tier you’re on, you will continue to get complimentary access to our standard online trading platform.

  • Can I access the Pro and standard platforms simultaneously?

    Yes, from the Pro platform click the Support menu and select “Access standard platform” which will open the standard platform on a new tab. This will allow you to access any features or products not available in the Pro platform. Both platforms are fully integrated, so all orders, watchlists, alerts and account details will be identical and can be managed from both platforms. Please note, if you try to access either platform from another browser or computer, your first session will be closed.

  • Can I access all CMC Markets order types on the Pro platform?

    Yes, all our order types are supported on the Pro platform, including basic, conditional, linked entry and exit orders, take profit and stop loss, trailing take profit and trailing stop loss.

  • How can I find out more about the Pro platform?

    See our Quick Guide or our platform tour videos to learn more about the Pro platform.

  • Do I need to subscribe to dynamic data to use the Pro platform?

    No, while the Pro platform is designed to be a fully dynamic streaming trading platform, it also supports live click to refresh and delayed data if that is what you prefer. For delayed and click to refresh data, simply click the “Refresh Prices” link in the top row of the platform.

  • Will you be phasing out the standard CMC Markets Stockbroking platform?

    No, the standard CMC Markets Stockbroking platform will continue to be available to all clients and can be accessed here

  • Are all ASX products available on the Pro platform?

    Currently all listed equities, warrants, hybrids, interest rate securities and ETFs are available on the Pro platform. mFunds are currently not available, nor is options pricing. We will be adding these products in the future. If you need to access products not on the Pro platform, you can find them on our standard online trading platform.

  • Will my watchlists works in the Pro platform?

    Yes, all your existing watchlists will appear in the Pro platform alongside a couple of new ones we have added including “Popular products” and “Banking stocks”. If you would like more information on this platform feature watch our Pro platform – watchlists video.

  • What software or plug-ins do I need to use the Pro platform?

    The Pro platform will work on any modern browser which supports HTML 5. We recommend the latest release versions of Google Chrome however Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 and above also work. No additional plug-ins are needed.

  • What are the main differences between the Pro platform and the standard platform?

    The Pro platform has been built for traders looking for a dynamic, customisable trading experience and will be best suited to frequent traders and those who have used a pro style of trading platform in the past (e.g. Web IRESS). The standard platform is a simpler, yet still very content-rich platform which will suit all levels of investor. Main differences include:

    • The Pro platform includes Morningstar’s Quantitative Equity Research reports, while the standard platform includes Morningstar’s fundamental data
    • The Pro platform includes a Reuters news feed, while the standard platform includes a Dow Jones news feed
    • The Pro platform includes our custom-built charting package with over 90 indicators and 30 drawing tools, while the standard platform includes our more basic charting package

  • How do I know if I’ve got access to the Pro platform?

    If you have received an email from CMC Markets Stockbroking enabling your Pro platform access or if you have contacted us directly. Please contact us on 1300 360 071 or email us if you’re unsure.

  • Can anyone access the Pro platform?

    Access to the Pro platform is generally available for frequent traders (existing clients on the Active Investor or Frequent Trader tier), however if you do not already have access then please contact us on 1300 360 071 or email us.

  • How do I access the Pro platform?

    You can login to the Pro platform here, using your established login details.

  • What data is available under Company Profile?

    Important fundamental data including Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, valuation and profitability ratios are amongst a host of information available via the company profile module. This fundamental information is powered by investment research and management firm Morningstar and is constantly updated with the latest financial results. You can choose from annual and quarterly results and view up to the last 10 years’ worth of financial results.

  • What alerts are available?

    The ‘Alerts’ column can be found in Watchlists, Positions, Orders and P&L modules that highlights if any news has been reported within the last 24hours.

  • What does the corporate calendar offer me?

    The Pro platform includes a Corporate Calendar module, allowing you to stay informed of upcoming announcements relevant to the products you trade.

    A range of announcement types are available which you can toggle on/off individually to filter the results to only those you are interested in.  

    A number of quick action links are available on the far right of the module to allow you to view key fundamental data, including theScreener & Morningstars Equity Research reports as well as the latest Reuters news.

  • What does the market calendar offer me?

    Our real time economic calendar, powered by Thomson Reuters, displays information on important market-moving events, such as GDP, inflation rates and employment. You can view the date/time of the announcement, potential market impact, previous/forecast, actual results and much more.

    A number of filters are available at the top of the calendar to help you easily identify the events that matter to you. You can filter by date, country, and event name and market impact. If you apply filters to the calendar, the relevant tab in the header will be highlighted blue. The calendar also allows you to set alerts against any announcement.

  • What charting does the Pro platform offer?

    The chart menu is designed to provide you additional functionality and to make searching for tools and favourites easier.

    Top Menu Bar

    There are additional features on the top menu bar including a number of quick links to various popular chart settings, hide/show value box, change chart theme, increase font, hide/show gridlines and more.

    Bottom Menu Bar

    Timeframe slider, Draw tools, Technicals and our Pattern feature can be found at the bottom of the charts, alongside your selected favourites.

    You can save up to five charts per product and access these through the products context menu or via a new icon in the header of the chart. When opening the chart from anywhere on the platform (Main Search, Module Search etc...) or when using module linking the last opened chart will be displayed by default.

    • You can hide and show the menu options by clicking on the open tab.
    • We have included the ability to search where applicable

  • Does the Pro platform offer comparison charts?

    We the ability to compare the price action of multiple products on one chart. Simply drag and drop a product from your Watchlist into the price action area of any open chart and release.

    • The comparison chart will load based on the timeframe of the primary instrument. If the secondary instrument did not trade during a specific period, then a flat line will appear over that timeframe
    • You can drag and drop a slider to position where you would like performance to start from (this slider will appear on the far left of the module)
    • You can compare price action on any interval (i.e. 1 hour)

  • What chart intervals does the Pro platform provide?

    We have merged the Pro and standard stockbroking chart history. Therefore, the number of intervals supported has reduced to those shown here.

  • What if I want to fit more charts onto my screen?

    You can reduce the minimum size of charts even further so you can fit more information on screen. The smallest chart size supported is two times Quote Panel high by one Quote Panel wide.