Stockbroking mobile apps



  • Do you have a Share trading app?

    Yes, we currently have a native Share trading app for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

    If you're an iPhone/iPad user (iOS), download the app from the App store.

    If you're an Android user, download the app from Google Play.

    For security reasons, only download the CMC Markets Stockbroking via the official App Stores above or directly via the App Store links on your device.

  • How do I login with my fingerprint?

    Enable touch login so you can conveniently access your trading account using any registered fingerprint on the device. This is done by following the onscreen instructions after initial login.

    You can also enable this feature from the settings menu in the app, just click on ‘settings’ and next to the ‘Use Touch Login’ option, slide the slider to the right to activate.

    We recommend that you only ever store your own fingerprints on your mobile device. If anyone else’s fingerprints are registered on the device they will be authorised to access your CMC Markets Stockbroking trading account and you will be responsible for their orders.

    Once you enable this feature, you will only be able to login using your fingerprint. You can turn off this feature at any time in the settings menu.

  • Can I use the Stockbroking App while I am overseas?

    Yes, you can access the Stockbroking App provided your mobile phone has access to the internet. If you’re on international roaming, additional carrier charges may apply. Please contact your mobile phone carrier for activation of international roaming and for details of any associated fees and charges.

  • How can I access my Tax and Portfolio data from Sharesight?

    Sharesight offers a separate app, which will track your tax data held with them. Find out more about the Sharesight mobile app.

  • Can I view and trade on from my linked margin loan via the Share trading Mobile App?

    Yes, if you have a St George, Suncorp or Leveraged Margin Loan you will be able to view a summary of the loan, Investments, collateral and available funds in addition to placing and amending orders.

  • I subscribed to dynamic data, how do I enable this on the mobile app?

    This can be enabled or turned off at any time from within the settings menu from within the app. Click on settings and next to the ‘Dynamic data enabled’ option, slide the slider to the right to enable or to the left to turn this off.

  • Can I see the Market Depth on the App?

    This depends on the market data package you have chosen.  Subscribers of ‘Live’ or ‘Streaming’ (dynamic) data can view the full ASX depth from within the App.


  • Can I log into my desktop platform and the CMC Markets Stockbroking application at the same time?

    No, you’re only able to access your account through either the website or your mobile device at any one time. If you attempt to log in to both platforms at the same time, you will be disconnected from your previous session.

  • Can I access advanced charts using the stockbroking app?

    The stockbroking app does not currently have access to advanced charts. There is basic charting, which can be used as a quick reference guide. If you access the CMC Markets desktop trading platform via your desktop or phone web browser you will be able to access these charts.

  • Will more features be added to the App?

    Yes, updates and improvements are regularly added to both the Android and IOS Apps. Stay up to date by ensuring you have the latest version installed.

  • Can I place and amend conditional and advanced orders (Trailing Stop Loss, Take Profit, Limit, and Market) via the App?

    Yes, the CMC Markets Stockbroking mobile app supports all the order types available in the standard and Pro Platform.