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Target Open algorithmic instruction

This algorithmic instruction targets participation in the ASX Opening Price Auction or in the period immediately after the ASX Opening Price Auction up to a defined limit price. You can only place this instruction when the market is closed.

  1. Select your trading account from the top of the order ticket.
  2. Enter your stock code (or you can find codes by clicking on the Find Codes link)
  3. Select your order type; Buy or Sell
  4. Choose your quantity
  5. Set instruction to Target Open (under Algo Orders)
  6. Enter your chosen Limit price (for buys, this would be the most you would want to spend per stock, for sells, this would be the lowest price you are willing to receive per stock) 
  7. Expiry is Day only
  8. Enter your trading PIN
  9. Click Place Order to submit this to market
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