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Thank you for applying for a CMC Markets Invest account. As an investor relatively new to share trading we would recommend that you use our feature-rich standard platform.

With our standard platform you can take advantage of our Frequent Trader Program and advanced analysis and features.        ​


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CMC Markets

Superior research and charting

Catering to the demands of the active trader, our standard platform gives you access to a suite of tools to keep you up to date on the market and help you make more informed trading decisions.

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CMC Markets
CMC Markets

Unlimited free conditional orders

Our free linked orders allows you to use stop loss and take profit orders to help improve your risk management by applying entry and exit strategies. 

With unlimited conditional orders, including trailing stop loss and take profit, you can select the level that will trigger the purchase or sale of shares online allowing you to follow your trading and investment strategy even when you’re away from your desk. 

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Live Dow Jones Newswires free of charge

We’ve teamed up with Dow Jones Newswires to bring you the latest news in finance, politics and the economy. The result is your own selection of relevant instrument- and product-specific news items automatically delivered to the platform. Don’t miss critical information about the instruments you’re interested in.

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CMC Markets
CMC Markets

Integrated portfolio and tax reporting 

Keep track of your portfolio and tax reporting with Sharesight. Completely integrated with your CMC Markets Invest account, Sharesight lets you track your shareholdings, run tax reports, rank your shares by performance, and much more.

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