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The top trading podcasts of 2019

The top trading podcasts of 2019
The rise in popularity of podcasts has been phenomenal and doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon, with global monthly podcast listeners forecast to grow more than six-fold in the next few years, from 287 million in 2016 to 1.85 billion by 2023, research by Ovum indicates. 
Podcast Insights estimates that there are in excess of 750,000 podcasts, and more than 30 million episodes, out there today. This has caught the attention of media companies like Spotify [SPOT], which has invested $500m in 2019 to acquire podcast content studios such as Gimlet and Anchor in February and Parcast a month later.


Monthly podcast listeners by 2023

With such overwhelming figures in mind, Opto has whittled the list down. Enjoy!

Ken Lewis 

Presented by: Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen
As the chief executive officer of APMEX – the largest precious metals retailer in North America ¬– Ken Lewis is well-versed in the nuances of precious metals. At a time when many investors are looking to safe haven assets, and some analysts are forecasting a major breakthrough, Lewis provides a detailed discussion about investing in gold.  
“I think a great example [of how supply and demand can drive the prices of precious metals up and down] is palladium. Palladium has seen a really nice run, a significant run on its price. But now what’s happening in the marketplace is manufacturers are looking for other options metals-wise for connectivity because palladium has gotten too expensive.” 

Anne-Marie Baiynd

Presented by: Irusha Peiris
Finding pullback zones in the current stock market can be one of the most difficult strategies to master, but CEO of TheTradingBook.com Anne-Marie Baiynd knows how to utilise call option strategies to build steady returns. Baiynd is also an author, technical trader and educator, who focusses on price pattern recognition, wave rotations, and support and resistance lines. 
“The market is the toughest teacher and it is the cruellest of teachers because it gives the test first and teaches the lesson later. We don’t know we’re wrong until we’re wrong, and we don’t know how we’re wrong until after we’re wrong and we’re able to go back forensically and look at things to see what we missed.” 

“The market is the toughest teacher and it is the cruellest of teachers because it gives the test first and teaches the lesson later”


Mark Ritchie II 

Presented by: Ed Harrison 
As the chief investment officer of RTM Capital Advisors, Mark Ritchie II is the architect for the firm’s investment philosophy. In this podcast, he discusses how he has repositioned his investments around the market’s changing macro picture. 
“The previous two times I’ve been on Real Vision, the first time I was overweight, maximally long in our tactical equity exposure positioning. Last time, I was 100% cash and literally now we’re right in between the two. So, to answer the question, we’re long, but we’re not fully long.”

Gregory Zuckerman 

Presented by: Michael Covel 
Gregory Zuckerman is a veteran Wall Street Journal special writer and author whose most recent book – The man who solved the markets – uncovers the story of the greatest investor in modern financial history Jim Simons. Renaissance Technologies, Simons’ investment firm, has generated average annual returns of 66% since its inception in 1988, but is also shrouded in mystery. 
We featured Zuckerman's 'The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons launched the quant revolution' in our top 10 trading books to read this Christmas.
“Jim Simons was the pioneer – not the only one – he was a pioneer of a very different approach. That’s using mathematics, developing predictive algorithms – this is way, way, way before Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley embraced that approach – and developing an automated trading system.” 
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And if you're interested in psychology and the role of confidence in your trading, listen to CMC Markets' latest podcast series Artful trader: Confidence uncovered.

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